Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Boy!!!

 Here we are 8 years ago....


November 3, 2002, was the second happiest day of my life (the first being the day our sweet Kayli was born, of course), the day our little bundle of energy joy was born! Chase came into the world a tiny little thing without making a sound (scared us to death, actually). However, it didn't take long for us to realize just what we were in for. He has been at full speed ever since and is always looking for what comes next. He was, and still is, exhausting but we have loved every minute of the last eight years and can't wait for 100 more!

This year Chase's birthday fell on a Wednesday so we just had family over to grill and eat cake. We decided not to do a traditional birthday party and instead took Chase and two friends to a Hockey game on Friday. A good blogger would now share pictures of what a great time we had at the hockey game....but, of course, I left my camera at home. We did have a great time, though, and the boys really enjoyed it. We will definitely be going again!

Anyway, back to Wednesday....

After Chase blew out the candles it was time for presents!

And for his BIG surprise.....

Yep....a gun.

(FYI....Mom was not too thrilled about this one but I gave in to the pressure and went along with it. Rest assured, it is locked up tight and hidden away. And we have had some SERIOUS talks about safety and the rules once or twice...or maybe a few hundred times-just to be on the safe side.)

I put my fears to the side, though, and was happy that Chase was very excited and will actually get good use of this when he and Mark are hunting this year.

It was a great night and Chase had a great birthday.

Once again, I am left wondering where the time has gone. Our tiny little boy is growing up into a little man. We are so grateful that God has given us the joy of raising a little boy (trying as it may be). There is never a dull moment around our house and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy Birthday, Chase! We love you!

(Just a quick side note....after looking back at this blog, I just had to laugh. Chase got a toy wrestler and a rifle for his birthday....Can you say "You might be a redneck if.....")

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010....

First of all...I realize it has been over a month since I have updated our blog. I am SO behind and I have SO much to catch up on! I have recently started working (more on that later) so most of my time has been consumed by getting up SUPER early, to get kids to school and get to work by 8am, and driving because my job is in Huntsville. Needless to say, my weekends are spent catching up with kids and housework and homework and......sorry.....let's just say I'm busy!

So anyway, let's get on with the first update...HALLOWEEN!!!

This year for Halloween, Kayli was a nerd and Chase was Jason from Friday the 13th. Aren't they cute! This picture was taken on Saturday night (10/30) before we went to our friends annual Halloween party!

And so was this picture....


The party was a costume party, so I also dressed as a nerd and Mark and our friend, Jamey, dressed up as the Geico cavemen!!

Aren't they hilarious!!!

On Sunday night, we went trick-or-treating and the kids got a TON of candy! We usually go to Point Mallard, where my parents live, to trick-or-treat, but since it was on Sunday this year, we decided to stay around our neighborhood. So many people go to Point Mallard and it is always very crowded, stressful and the kids don't get very good candy or very much candy. But this year.....

They were pretty happy with their goodies!!!

It was a fun Halloween weekend! We had a great time at the Brown's costume party and the kids, of course, had fun counting all of that candy....and eating it, too!!!