Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chase's big surprise...

Last weekend Chase got a big surprise...BUNKBEDS!!! Actually, it was a surprise to him AND to Mark, who I called unexpectedly to meet me at the furniture store...and bring the truck. Now, I don't often go on wild furniture spending sprees but, on this day, I had reached my limit. You see, Chase has never had new bedroom furniture. He only had a bed (with no headboard) and a hand me down dresser (that had already seen better days when it was handed down) with 2 broken drawer that recently became permanently stuck open. It was time for new furniture!

On this day, the boys were gone and Kayli had a friend over so I decided, since I had some free time, to clean out and organize his dresser drawers. Here is what I found.....

OH MY!!!!

That was it! I had had enough! I hate clutter!

At that moment, call it a temporary moment of insanity, I yelled for the girls to get in the car and off we went to the furniture store. Several hundred dollars later, a quick phone call to Mark, and a truck load of boxes and we were ready to get organized! Except for one all had to be put together! Here is how we began...




So, after 4 long hours and, surprisingly, only a small amount of bickering between Mark and I, we were finished!!

After the bed, I was too tired to take pictures while we put the dresser together, but here is the finished product....

It was definitely a LONG night but Chase now has working dresser drawers, a new fun bed to sleep in, and my sanity has returned!

Mission accomplished!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Read this could change your life!!!

It is 9:45pm on Thursday night. I should be asleep like everyone else in our house but I am TOO EXCITED!

I just returned from a weekly meeting about our new "business venture". In November, we became involved in a business that is changing our (and lots of other peoples) lives! It is truly a golden opportunity to make some extra (or A LOT of extra) money.

This new business is called FHTM (Fortune High Tech Marketing), and You, too, can easily become a part of it to help generate residual income for yourself. It involves things that we are already using and the best part is..we don't have to sell ANYTHING! Basically, just by doing things that we are already doing...we are getting paid! How great is that??!!

Intrigued?? We were, too. We were introduced to this business by my Dad, Gerald. For those of you who don't know, my Dad is CEO of Summit Technology, a computer consulting company in Athens, Al. He presented this opportunity to Mark and I in November and we have been full speed ahead ever since! This month has been a great month for us and this is just the beginning!

I would love to tell you more about how you, too, can be involved in this incredible opportunity to create residual income for yourself and your family. We host weekly presentations every Thursday night in Decatur or I can come to you. I can even tell you about it over the computer via a webinar if you do not live near Decatur.

I can't wait to share this opportunity with you! Believe want to know about it!

A few of our Decatur, Al. group with Todd Rowland, Presidential Ambassador for FHTM.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bo Jr.

This was Bo. Bo was our third child. He was a great dog and we loved him like one of our children. We liked to say that he "adopted" us instead of the other way around. He was a stray who appeared at our door step one day and never left. He had his issues just like any other dog but for most of the time, he was great.

In March of last year, we found Bo in the ditch. He had been poisoned and was barely alive. We tried to make it to the vet in time to save him but it was too late. Bo died at the vet's office and we buried him in our backyard. I have to say that it was one of the hardest days of our lives. Even though he was just a dog, Bo had been a part of our life for 6 years. We loved him very much and still miss him and think about him everyday.

Today is Valentine's Day. This afternoon, I went to pick up my niece from my brother's house for a birthday party. When I got there, Abby (my niece) kept saying "' mere Tasha, 'mere Tasha". As I followed her, I rounded the corner and saw some puppies. My brother loves dogs and so I was not surprised. I, after just getting rid of a redbone coonhound (...long story), was not the slightest bit interested in taking one home. That is, until he said "I have one outside that we call Charlie. He looks just like Bo." So I followed him outside and there he was...Bo reincarnated. He was the spitting image of the dog that we miss so much.

So you can probably guess what happened next. We have a new dog. Even after I swore "NO MORE DOGS", I just couldn't resist this sweet little face. There will never be a dog that can replace Bo, but this little guy sure is trying.

Monday, February 8, 2010's Monday!

Wow....2 posts in one week! I am on fire...haha!

Well, it has been a Monday for sure at The Jones'. Last night we hosted a Superbowl party for around 15 adults and all the "chil-rens" which all together equal 10....that's 15+10+Mark+me.....that is 27 people in our little house! Actually, I never really thought of 2100 sq. ft. as little, but after last! We had fun, though (as always) and we were glad that everyone could make it!

Since we had a late night last night, the kids didn't get to sleep until after 10:30pm (normal bedtime is 8pm...SHARP!) which means that the 6:30am wake up call was not pleasant. Pair that with an argument over "wardrobe" with Kayli, Chase repeatedly falling back to sleep at the breakfast table, a missing purse (Kayli), and finally dropping Chase off at school in tears because he didn't want to go....yep, it was definitely Monday!

Monday is also a school day for me and today was not much fun for me either. I could feel my eyes crossing as I was trying to pay attention. Lack of sleep and Accounting and Statistics do not mix well. I did however get a 100 on my first exam! Woohoo! At least that was one good thing that happened today! On Wednesday, I have my first test in Statistics....say a prayer, please. I have been studying like crazy so hopefully it will be OK....but a little prayer never hurts, right?

Everyone was in bed by 9pm tonight, including Mark, so I have had a little peace and quiet. I guess my study break is over, though. I had to give my brain a rest. Now back to "variance, standard deviation, & z-scores"....oh so much fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new (boring) post

I know, I know....I am way behind on my posts! I have been scolded for not updating enough so I thought I would take a few minutes to catch up!

My life has not been very interesting be honest, I would call it quite miserable right now. For those of you who don't know, I am going back to school after 10 years!! Boy, do I wish that I would have finished when I was younger! I guess it is never too late but it sure was easier back then! One, because I had way more energy. Two, I only had one child who was not school age. Three, because I didn't have to pay for it....paying from your own pocket is NO FUN!!! Four....nevermind....I could go on and on! To make matters worse, this semester I am taking Accounting and Business Statistics....YUCK!!! I'll make it through it, though. I do have to say that I am more focused and determined than I was before so at least that is one good thing that has come with age.

We signed Kayli up for softball last week and Chase up for baseball this week. That's right....we are going to be very busy! I am so happy that Kayli decided to play this year, though. Even if it will be hectic, I LOVE to watch them both play ball! I love baseball/softball and can't wait to start the season!

I guess that is all that I have to talk about this time. This is not a very interesting post....I guess I just needed to whine a little!!!