Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abby's First Point Mallard Trip


Today was this little girl's first trip to Point Mallard and she LOVED it! This is my sweet little niece, Abby!

 The kids and I asked Abby and her Mom, Tiffany, to join us for a trip to the water park today. Luckily, we get free season passes (a special thanks to Decatur Utilities for that!) so we have been taking advantage of that this summer. The kids want to go EVERY DAY!

Anyway, since this was Abby's first time, we stopped at the Duck Pond first. She was pretty overwhelmed at all of the people and the fun stuff to play on, but she opened up quickly and there was no stopping her!


Here she is in the swings with her Mom.


After that, Kayli and I took her on the playground. We didn't stay on that too long because all of the big kids were a little too wild and crazy!

Next, we hit the wave pool for awhile....

I think that was her favorite. She loved rolling around in water that was just her height.

Chase dove right in, too!

Until he got distracted by a butterfly... (Tiffany and I laughed because the butterflies kept landing on him everywhere we went. It was really strange but he loved it!)

We had a great time and were glad that Abby and Tiffany got to join us! It was so much fun to watch her experience Point Mallard for the very first time!

I think she would have stayed out there the whole day....haha!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Uuuuggghhhh....just the word makes me cringe......but it had to happen.

Since we recently closed Frankie's, we were left with a lot of junk. Also, since we have avoided having a yard sale for way too long, my mom, sister, grandmother, and soon to be sister-in-law also had a lot of junk. Add that all together and this is what you get....

One HUGE yard sale!!

We had the sale in my parents back yard which is on a pretty busy street. We all got up at 5:30am and opened up shop. Right away we were slammed with people....

(In this one you can even see my mom helping someone carry their stuff! Haha!)
There were SO many people! We were getting rid of all kinds of stuff and making tons of money!
Here we are with our happy faces.....

(Excuse us, Lady! We are taking a picture here! Hahahaha!)

And here we are later, with our not-so-happy faces because of what came next....


Yep, a huge black cloud came from nowhere and rained on our parade! Not sprinkled. Not even a summer shower. A scary, black, swirling, blowing, pouring rain cloud ruined our perfect day!

We did the best we could to try and cover all of the stuff but, as you can see, it was too late. Poor Abby even got stuck in the mud!

This is what our men thought about the situation....

I think they knew what was coming next...CLEAN-UP!!!
And they got to help! Yay!
Even though it rained we still had a GREAT turn out. We made all together over $1000! Not too bad for only 4 hours! That kind of money makes me want to do it all over again....

.....or maybe NOT!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Today we enjoyed a beautiful day at the pool! My parents built a pool a couple of years ago and we are regular guests during the summer! Most of the time it is just me and the kids but today, Dad came and we had some visitors.....

The Milligans!

The kids (minus their son, Jacob, who had to leave early) played in the pool ALL day! We got there at 12:30 and didn't leave until 7pm! We were all exhausted by the end of the day but they (and us grown-ups) had a great time!

And what is a hot summer day with out WATERMELON!


It was a long day but we had lots of fun! We love our friends, the Milligans, and we were so happy they could join us!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet Abby!

This is Abby! She is my favorite niece! I only have one but she's still my favorite! She is so sweet and I love to take her home, spoil her and then send her back to her Mom and Dad (my brother)! I just realized that I have never included her in any of my posts so this one's all about her!
Abby is 2 years old. She is such a sassy little girl! She loves to sing and dance. She also loves her cousins, Kayli and Chase! They have so much fun together!

On this day, she came to visit us while her parents ran some errands. She is a very picky eater so I always try to trick her into eating fruit and veggies when she comes over. It usually doesn't work but this time she actually ate some grapes. I was so excited that I had to take a picture of her and her grapes! Success!

After that we rocked her babies and fed them bottles...

She is such a sweet girl and I am so happy to be "Aunt Tasha"!
I love you, Abby-girl!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mohawks and Memorial Day

I have been such an awful blogger lately and yet again have been given a loving nudge from my sister, who, by the way, threw me under the bus in her last post! Just kidding...I deserved it! You can read her blog, The Adams' Adventures here. She is much better at posting than I am!

Anyway, since I haven't blogged in a LONG time (aside from my post yesterday, which had to come first) I have a lot to catch up on! You are probably scratching your head at the above picture. Yes...Chase has a mohawk! I decided to try and give Chase a buzz cut myself and well, the clippers got a little carried away. It was either stick with the mohawk in order to have some hair or go completely to the scalp. And so we decided...what the heck, it's summer!
This is Chase and one of his best friends sporting their 'hawks....

We have the greatest group of friends and for Memorial Day, we had them all over to our house to grill and watch the balloon glow at Point Mallard. Since we live pretty close, we had planned to walk over but, of course, as it always does on Memorial Day, it rained right before we were supposed to leave and made the fields to muddy to walk through. So we loaded up the truck and off we went.
Boys in one truck....

And girls in the other....

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the glow. There were only a few balloons up because of the rain so it wasn't much to see anyway. We had fun anyway, though, and we were glad that everyone could come and hang out. Rain, sleet, or snow, it is always fun to hang out with our crazy bunch. There is never a dull moment!

I guess that it all for now. I am determined to catch up and will try my best. No promises, though. It is hard to do anything except write research papers right now and for the rest of the summer....a special thanks to all of my professors for that...yuck!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Today is Father's Day and we want to show our Daddy how much we love and appreciate him!

He's always willing to tackle the hard stuff, like the swing set that took 2 days to put together...

And we REALLY love the silly times, like this one...

Our Dad is so much fun and we love him so much!
It all started with Kayli. On March 19, 1998, our Daddy became a proud Papa!
Here is the first picture of our new family...

And here are some pictures of our fun times together...

(WOW...Look how young our Dad looks! Haha!)

And then on November 3, 2002, Chase came along and made us a family of 4...

He is truly Daddy's buddy and tries to be just like him...

We are so blessed to have such a great Daddy! Thank you for the 12am feedings, the band aids on our boo-boos, for wiping away our tears, for making us laugh, for teaching us about life, and most of all for the unconditional love that you have given us from the day we were born! We love you very much and are so happy that God made you our Daddy!!!
Kayli and Chase