Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to a New Year....

I took a trip down memory lane today and realized how important this blog is to me. As I read through all of my posts from 2010, I relived every moment as if it were yesterday. I noticed how much younger my kids looked, how different things were that year, how quickly life can change---good and bad, and most of all how quickly we forget the details of the memories we make. I am so happy now that I took the extra time to trap those moments in writing. Unfortunately, I let life get the best of me in 2011 and I gave up on my blog. It is hard to find the time to make these posts but my "New Year's Resolution" (one of many) is to make the time to write these memories down for my family.

Because I am a year's worth of memories behind in posting, I will not make the effort to relive 2011. It was a unique year for our family. We were dealt lots of cards ranging from untimely death to the miracle of birth. It was a hard year and now that it is officially 2012, I would prefer to move on to what this year has to offer. Bigger and better things? Maybe. Happiness, laughter, love and good health....that will be enough for me.


  1. YAY!!! I'm holding you to this resolution! I've missed your posts!!

  2. Great family! Hope you all have a blessed 2012 and beyond!