Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home Improvement...

Thanks to a leaky roof, we had some water damage in our living room. Of course, we could have just replaced a few panels and painted but what would be the fun in that??? Instead, we have opted for a complete living room revamp! Mark and I have even learned a little on what it means to compromise....I get a sectional - he gets a new fireplace-mounted TV. See-It's not just a home-improvement project...it's a relationship-builder. Money well spent! :)

Luckily, my Dad is a home improvement guru and volunteered to help us out with some of our projects. This weekend we got started by replacing some of the damaged paneling and installing new crown moulding. We still have a LOT more work to do but at least we can finally see some progress!

Poor Sammy....he is so confused!
Let the planning begin!

Of course, Mark and my Dad couldn't have made it without a little help from my Mom and I....
Just kidding - this is what we really did most of the day....
Actually, I did help the guys out most of the day with whatever I could while my Mom helped me out by doing our laundry and helping the kids clean their rooms......wait- maybe we should do this every weekend???
After a long day, we finally got all of the crown up and caulked and ready to paint. We have a lot more to do but for now....I'm off to shop for couches and TV's!!
Thank You, Thank You,Thank you to my Mom and Dad for all of your help!!!

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  1. Ummmm......so what are you doing with your current TV stand etc? I'm assuming it's going in the playroom...buuut if, for some reason it's not, and you are going to sell it... please tell me first!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product of the revamp! And P.S. Glad the blog is back in business so I can keep up!