Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Weekend....

Last weekend, we all piled up and went shopping for a new couch and TV. The kids killed some time in the car by trying to find Waldo... 

(Any moment in time that involves the two of them not fighting MUST be captures in photos!)

We did actually find a couch and a TV that day and after we emptied the boxes that the couch was in, Chase had a blast creating his own box-house. But not just any box-house....a 2-story box-house complete with a VCR and TV! He stayed in that house all weekend....until the middle collapsed and we finally had to put it out of its misery.
We also took some time last weekend to spend a little quality time with some of the family.

A few good words to describe life right now-random...disshelved...unorganized....chaotic....exhausted. Our house is upside-down due to the new living room updates (which has quickly turned into a playroom/kitchen/living room/hallway update) and Mark has been really busy at work (working all night and day recently) which has slowed our progress. Pair that with parent meetings at school, science projects, projects at work that required me to work late last week, baseball signups/tryouts, color guard practices, etc. etc.etc. I guess you just have to embrace the crazy side of life sometimes....right?


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